Reinero winery was founded by our great-grandfather Nazareno, arrived from the Italian region of Piedmont, in the year 1.897. On your arrival, he knew the Mendoza soil, working in the trans-Andean railroad and then settling in the East of the province of Mendoza, in the called Central Valley, where he acquired a portion of 25 hectares, implanted his vineyards and built the winery about that same place, giving it the name in honor to his wife, Ana Reinero.

Of their 8 children, 2 continued with the tradition of cultivation of the vine and the elaboration of wines. In currently, it is the fourth generation, which has perfected the techniques, dedicated only to the elaboration of high quality wines, using for the production of them, selected vineyards, located in the Uco Valley and the first wine-growing zone, as Maipú and Lujan de Cuyo.




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